We love curls! This page will hopefully answer some of your curl questions and allow you to come to your appointment ready to roll...

Curly Cuts

Curly cuts are based on the Deva Curl training we have both received and taught to other advanced curly stylists. We begin with a thorough consultation, and begin cutting on dry hair. Once the shape is blocked in, we may have you stand and flip, shake the hair out, and roll up, etc. it’s an interactive process. We will then cleanse, condition, and re-set/style the hair, revisiting the cut briefly to customize and perfect it once it is dry. We will go over your routine and product information so that you feel confident working with your hair at home as well. This process averages about 2 hours but can take anywhere from 1.5 to almost 3 hours (such as extra thick or fractal curls needing treatments or longer detangling sessions) depending on the curls.

Your Curly Cut


It is helpful to understand the process of cleansing, conditioning, and styling referred to as the Deva 3 Step. While it is not necessary to use these products, (We do because we know why they work), the techniques are an integral part of curly hair care and help curls live their ideal existence.

  • Please arrive with your hair dry and as freshly set/styled (worn down in its natural state without manipulating your curls into any sort of ponytail, buns, twists, pin-curls, thermal styling etc.) so that we can see what its natural tendencies are. It does not have to be washed that day, but we need to get an accurate sense of how it naturally looks. It may or may not have any sort of styler (product used to keep curls in tact), as long as we can work with the curls.


What is your lifestyle, interests? What is your recent hair history in terms of cut, color, texturizing services? What are your short term and long term goals? What has worked for you in the past, what makes you want to run for the hills? We will be honest with you, make sure you understand what we discuss, and proceed with your cut, respecting your curls and your feelings too.


The cut is done on dry hair. The cut is customized to your head shape, curl type and other specifications. We will not use texturizing (aka thinning shears) on curls. We will not razor through curls. We will honor you and how your hair wishes to be.

Resetting and Drying

While we cleanse, condition and re-set the hair at the shampoo sink, We will make sure you know how to care for your hair at home, and understand these techniques and the products used to achieve your style as they apply to your texture. The remainder of the simple styling happens at the chair, and then your hair dries while you rest and relax, read, write a thesis, eat lunch, call your mom, knit a tea cozy, etc, under a super fancy hood dryer. It really doesn't take THAT long. It certainly takes less time than blowing it out used to.


Once your hair is dry, we will release the protective cast that the styler of choice provided, and beautiful, hydrated and happy curls will be yours! A possible extra few snips here and there to finish and customize on freshly re-set curls, and you are bouncing out the door!